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  Linda and her husband Tom have lived in Az. for many years where they have had a buisness  and then went to Mesa Market Place in Mesa to sell their products for the next many years and became well known. Lindas older sister Sherry worked with them. 3 yrs ago their sister Carol moved to Az to be closer to family. She had a flower shop in Ohio for several yrs and also attened craft shows with her home-made products; which are also in the store today.

  Linda and Carol wanted to expand their buisness -they thought long and hard before deciding to open a store to serve more customers. The store opened in Sept. of 2012 and keeps growing . Tom and Sherry still do thier fair share of the work at the store. With a wide variety of products -flags- rebel items - bingo and much more -we can serve almost everyones needs.

  A2Z Variety is a friendly-down home  atmosphere - family run shop. We have started branching out more in the area of Military and Motorcycle events around the Az. area. This keeps us busy but we enjoy the travel and all the friends we have met.

  Our website and FB  is built with the same feeling.

  We want to thank you for shopping with us and hope we can be of service to you again.

                     ' VARIETY is the SPICE of LIFE'